Updating a License key (Aris Business Publisher)

ARIS Business Publisher Server also controls the number of users who can access a Publisher export simultaneously. This license key was entered when ARIS Business Publisher Server was installed. You need to update the license key, e.g. if you have purchased a new license key that allows a larger number of users. You can identify the license key by the Pd and Uxx (number of users allowed) codes, e.g. B99999-XXX_Business_Publisher-V71LdeLenPdU250-XXXX...
You have access privileges for the ARIS Business Publisher Server installation directory.
1. Open the file webappserver.cfg in the ARIS Business Publisher Server installation directory ..\BPServer\tomcat\webapps\businesspublisher\config\ with a text editor.
2. Enter the new license key in the License key line, e.g. <license key="B99999-XXX_Business_Publisher- V71LdeLenPdU250-XXXX..."/>
3. Save the change and close the file.
4. Inform all export users that you manage on this ARIS Business Publisher Server that the exports will not be available for a short time.
5. Exit ARIS Business Publisher Server. To do this, click on the stop.bat file in the BPServer installation directory of ARIS Business Publisher Server.
6. Wait until the server has shut down, and restart ARIS Business Publisher Server.
The number of users that can simultaneously access a Publisher export, as specified in the license key, is now activated.